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Application for Aid (Accepting Applications March 18)
We are here to partner with you on your journey.

What & Who We Aid

We Aid those in an Emergency, Life-changing Event.

-Retired and Disabled Veterans Transitional Needs

-Food and Nutritional Needs

-Assistance after a Fire for Basic Necessities or Expenses  

-Sudden Death Funeral Expenses

-Rental Assistance for Apartment or Hotel (temporarily) for those in Emergency Life changing circumstances within 72 hours i.e. house fire, flooding, severe unforeseen damages… 

-Temporary Housing Support for Spousal or Sexual Abuse Victims 

-Clothing Assistance for Children, Job Interviews, and Adults returning from Incarceration, General needs, etc… 

-Supplies for Kids Returning to School


7th Son Ministry DOES NOT provide assistance in cases that are more than 72 hours (3 days)  from the Life-Changing Event. WE DO NOT pay rental, utility, or car repair payments or any other bill that is an ordinary life occurrence. 


All applicants are restricted from receiving funding more than ONCE in a calendar year. Funding is from a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $2000, per occurrence. NO EXCEPTIONS. All applications will not be approved, only those that  the 7th Son Ministry board of directors approves will be funded. Any false, misleading or incomplete information will be grounds for disqualifying applicant(s).

Hours of Operation:

Monday- Friday 9am-4pm

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